Dr Edgardo Gonzalez

MSL Orthopedic Surgery


May 2022 to July 2023.

Surgical First Assistant MD at the University of Miami Hospital.

Working full-time and on-call in Different Specialty Cases as a Surgical First Assistant MD in OB/GYN, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Spine, Sports Medicine, Total Joint Replacement, Hand Surgery, Microsurgery; Trauma, and Foot and Ankle.

Specially assigned assistant for the Joint reconstructive surgery unit.
Trained and experienced in Robotics (Certified for DaVinci Xi) for different specialties

July 2021 to May 2022.

Surgical First Assistant MD at Mercy Hospital, Kendall Regional Medical Center, and Aventura Medical Center, placed by SpecialtyCare, in Miami Florida.

Working full-time and on-call in Different Specialty Cases as a Surgical First Assistant MD in OB/GYN, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Spine, Sports Medicine, Total Joint Replacement, Hand Surgery, Microsurgery; Trauma, Foot and Ankle, and Heart bypass procedures with vein and artery harvesting.
Trained and experienced in Robotics (Certified for DaVinci Xi) for different specialties, Cardiovascular and Thoracic experience with Maquet EVH, and Terumo EVH cadaveric training and certification.

May 2021 to date.

Medical writer and consultant for Orthofix. Part-time remote position.
External partners support.
Review analyze and approve HHEs (health hazard evaluations).
Medical review contributions for writing and publishing CERs and MDRs
Review of medical information updated forms and SOPs
Medical education support.

February 2020 to date.

Creator and co-owner of Extreme hand object and Surface sanitizer®
A tool with a specific strategy to contain, control, and eradicate the COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC.
An Alcohol-free premium effective hand, object, and surface sanitizer that works.

June 2016 to November 2020.

Licensed Surgical First Assistant MD at Multiple Hospitals in Texas, placed by Universal Surgical Partners and Independently.

Provide First Surgical Assist at several hospitals in the Houston Texas area Including, Memorial Herman, Methodist, HCA Hospitals, and others.

Working full-time and on-call in Different Specialty Cases as a Surgical First Assistant MD in OB/GYN, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Spine, Sports Medicine, Total Joint Replacement, Hand Surgery, Microsurgery; Trauma, Foot and Ankle, and Heart bypass procedures with vein and artery harvesting.
Trained and experienced in Robotics (Certified for DaVinci Xi) for different specialties, Cardiovascular and Thoracic experience with Maquet EVH, and Terumo EVH cadaveric training and certification.

January 2016 to May 2016:

Study and preparation for the examination for the certification for ABSA (ABSA.net) Surgical Assistant CSA.
Work change to Houston Texas.

June 2014 to April 2016

Clinical Specialist International in Sports Medicine and OrthoBiologics for Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, and Latin America MSL at Arthrex Inc.

Provide technical and clinical support for the training curriculum that addresses the changing needs of Arthrex sales force, in-house personnel, and surgeon customers, National and International.

Assisted in the organization and conduction of surgeon motor skills labs and training sessions offered by Arthrex.

Acted as a resource for product management, engineering, sales management, webmaster, and regulatory affairs.

Maintained a thorough understanding of the Arthrex product lines: features, benefits, pricing, and sales strategies as well as the following:

  • Developed and conducted sales training on all company products.
  • Carried out the objectives created for Arthrex Sales Representatives and the product training programs.
  • Conducted the teaching of all aspects of current procedure-specific surgical techniques using Arthrex instruments.
  • Routinely implemented for the Salesforce a general understanding of the orthopedic conditions, pathoanatomy, and biomechanics as it relates to the utilization of Arthrex Products in Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Assisted actively in the development of an Internet-based program of sales representative training modules.
  • Developed and implemented a Hyperlinked pre-course resource for our Surgeon Faculty and Surgeon Attendees.
  • Participated in Surgeon Education Training Programs.
  • Served as a liaison for the organization and implementation of Surgeon Education Training Programs
  • Trained surgeons in the use of Arthrex products for National and International groups.
  • Assisted with the Organization and execution of cadaver workshops.
  • Developed marketing pieces and assisted in product market initiatives.
  • Actively wrote surgical techniques, instrument system manuals, video scripts, CD-ROM animations, and advertisements and routinely, translate them into Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Provided active assistance to Research Develop and improvement of Arthrex products.
  • Supported the Product Development process via team interaction with the Product Management Team and engineering staff.
  • Interfaced with the product management team and engineering to provide pertinent design criteria regarding the form and function of surgical instruments.
  • Written, produced, directed, and edited CD-ROM and video productions for the following audiences:
  • Surgical techniques for the training of key surgeons and sales representatives.
  • In-service programs for the training of sales reps and OR personnel responsible for the operation and care of instrument systems.
  • Sales/Marketing programs for sales and promotional marketing purposes.
  • Designed Produced and delivered an ongoing intuitive Hyperlinked Marketing Med-Ed and Sales resource, built-in “Minget” (MindManager) platform, accessible from any device from anywhere in the world with only an internet connection, being able to review all Arthex Instruments, Surgical Techniques, Video Animations and Video Training’s; PPT presentations and competition comparison.
  • Provided content for Website maintenance upgrades and corrections.
  • Interfaced with customer service to provide them with technical support for the customer base and sales force.
  • Worked extensively with cadavers in the wet lab and with soft bones becoming an expert in Arthrex Implants,
  • Instruments, Devices, and Surgical Techniques.
  • Traveled 50% of the time.


March 2010 – to May 2014

Medical Consultant – Clinical Educator -In-service Consultant (BIC) – BD (Becton, Dickinson, and Company) Vancouver BC

  • Continuous Medical staff training for different medical devices.
  • Delivered In-Services, and identified hospital staff learning needs.
  • Followed clinical support, guidance, and troubleshooting to assist with smooth product integration into practice.
  • Helped and trained medical personnel to utilize the different BD Medical devices in different contracts for Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Vancouver Island Health Systems.


March 2010 to – June 2014

Orthopedic Consultant/ Clinician – Fraser Health, Burnaby General Hospital – Vancouver, BC


  • Safely and efficiently resolved the non-surgical fractures in the Cast Clinic and ER at BGH.
  • Created a new scheduling system to save time for patients and doctors, prioritizing the efficiency of time and treatments.
  • Reorganized the materials decreasing the cost by at least 20% and developed a billing system, increasing the income for the clinic by 80%.
  • Developed and implemented new procedure protocols to standardize the conservative treatment of upper and lower limb fractures.
  • Increased four times the number of patients seen, as a result of the new procedure protocols and the scheduling system.
  • Helped the 9 Hospital staff Orthopedic surgeons with the Pre and Postoperative procedures and preparation; including casting application and removal, wound care, Vac Systems, tissue debridement, stitches, articular injections, etc.
  • Acted as Hospitalist for Orthopedic patients and evaluated the Emergency room new cases in conjunction with the On-call Orthopedic Surgeon.

August 2007 to March 2010:
Partner and associate/director, shareholder at Sports Clinic Lomas.
Acting as an Orthopedic Surgeon, specializing in Reconstructive Surgery of the Joints.
Private Clinic for integral treatment for Orthopedic Patients. Specialized in Sports Medicine Patients and reconstructive surgery of the joints.

January 2006 to March 2011
VP Marketing, Medical Science Liaison, and Medical Affairs, for Millennium Technology Inc.

Exclusivity for assembling and distribution of Virgo TM for Latin America and Spain, 100% Canadian Company.

First Open MRI in the Global Market.

Opened the Latin-American market starting physically in Mexico and established the company as the undisputed leader in the marketplace.

  • Medical Science Liaison and Medical Affairs upstream and downstream.
  • Developed a marketing strategy and business plan for Latin America.
  • Negotiated and established new credit opportunities with EDC (Export Development Canada) and The Royal Bank of Canada in order to implement them in Mexico getting affordable conditions and rates approved and, making them reliable for this specific market.
  • Created the means to open an OEM plant to manufacture in Mexico and the full office for Mexico as CEO.
  • Created the workgroup and sale channels for Mexico starting in Mexico City.

Millennium Technology Inc.

January 2004 to July 2006.
Medical Science Liaison for Delfi Medical Innovations Inc., interacting at Cambie Surgery Centre and UBC (University of British Columbia)

(Part-time Job)
Medical Technology Researcher and Developer for Delfi Medical Innovations Inc.

Consultant for their tourniquet sales in Latin America and Spain. Reporting to James McEwen, Ph. D., P. Eng.

Developed and researched better technologies for Arthroscopic surgery, designed changes tested, and implemented them in the Operating Room.

Consultant for their tourniquet sales.

Medical Science Liaison for Delfi Medical; Cambie Surgery Centre and the Hospital of the University of British Columbia.

  • Designed, researched, and developed new medical devices.
  • Finished the creation of new medical devices and instruments for Shoulder Arthroscopy.
  • Created the Channel Sales Network in both, Spain and Mexico by visiting both countries and achieved the marketing goals and acted as a Medical Science Liaison with Hospital Managers, Directors, Owners, and Executives.
  • Finalized the full translation of their manuals, brochures, and documentation, to Spanish.


June 2003 to August 2007
Medical Science Liaison ConMed/Linvatec

  • Development and implementation of a digitally integrated O.R. system at Cambie Surgery Centre.
  • System training and support of the medical staff (nurses and surgeons) at Cambie Surgery Centre.
  • Upstream and downstream MSL with external and internal personnel, software and hardware developers, engineers, physicians, nurses, and surgeons.


January 2003 to August 2007

Medical Science Liaison at Cambie Surgery Centre – Vancouver, BC – Medical Science Liaison (MSL), and Associate of Dr. Brian Day, former President of the Canadian Medical Association, the Arthroscopy Association of North America, and Cambie Surgery Centre CEO.

  • Practicing Orthopedic Surgeon, Clinical Surgical fellow, and Clinical trainee for Athletic Injuries, Sports Medicine, and Arthroscopy under the supervision of Dr. Brian Day
  • Implemented a digitally integrated Operating Room system, together with Conmed / Linvatec, for 6 ORs in the new and renovated Cambie Surgery Centre Hospital, the first Private Hospital in Canada.
  • Trained all medical and nurse staff in the use of the new digital system.
  • Internal and external Medical Science Liaison for Cambie Surgery Centre.
  • First Surgical Assistant of Dr. Brian Day.


January 2005 to May 2007

Managing Owner – Hola Churro Inc.

– Vancouver BC, Canada –

Created, designed, and established a Mexican Cuisine Restaurant on West Broadway.

  • Reached sales equilibrium point in the first month.
  • Planned and achieved; business plan, blueprints, manuals of operation, concepts, renovations, and unique designs at the expected time.
  • Marketed the concept, niche, and style in the area, by appearing in the major newspapers and magazines in the first 3 months.
  • Gain control of the market for specialty items like Churro and Authentic Hot Chocolate; by becoming famous in the city within 6 Months.
  • Planned massive distribution of Chocolate and Churros intended for gas stations and prepared the Franchise packages for future franchises.

Hola Churro Inc. Don Genova Culinary review. Link

March 1997 to December 2002

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon for the Pediatric Orthopedics Department, in the Pediatric Hospital of the National Medical Centre for the XXI Century of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. Link

High Specialty Level of Attention Medical Unit (3rd level of attention), receiving and concentrating patients from the entire country to treat the most complicated and rare diseases from different sub-specialties.
Treated diverse children’s pathologies; bone cancer, hemophilia, spine birth defects, extremities birth defects, and other rare diseases, being in charge of the divisions and clinics of Hemophilia, Bone Cancer, Microsurgery, and Surgery of the Hand.

  • Studied, planned, and performed clinical studies and developed a scientific method and a protocol to change the treatment of Hemophiliac Hemarthrosis. This protocol had National and International exposure, (Link 1) (Link 2) and reduced just in the first year, substantially the cost for the treatment for this condition in our hospital.
  • The protocol included a series of clinical pre-surgical steps, Articular Arthroscopic Synovectomies, and a specific rehabilitation program for our pediatric patients.
  • Planned, organized, and performed the first children’s Bone Cancer Limb Salvage in the history of this Institution in children, this change also caused broad exposure in Mexico and Spain (Link), changing the way bone cancer was treated until then. Performing limb salvages instead of amputations, reducing dramatically the patient treatment abandonment and improved drastically their life expectancy and their quality of life.
  • Developed and established a protocol and method for Homologous Bone Mother-Child transfer/transplant for Limb Savages in Malignant Bone Tumors, utilizing 2 ORs for Mother and Child and including a specifically designed technique to transfer big pieces of the mother or father iliac crest bone to reconstruct different bones avoiding the traditional method of amputations.
  • Developed and planned a protocol and a scientific method for a new minimally invasive surgical technique to resolve growing deficiency in patients with achondroplasia and pseudo-achondroplasia (Little People) consisting of a homologous transplant of a cadaveric growth plate called “Diamond Transplant”.
  • The investigation scientific study was realized in rabbits making grow adult rabbits at a rate of 1 millimeter every 3 weeks. This study was performed in Zaragoza, Spain with the help of The Mutual of Accidents of Zaragoza and the University Hospital of Zaragoza. (Link)
  • This protocol didn’t progress to further studies to the next stage due to strict regulations in Mexico for bigger animals (Achondroplastic Dogs) needed for the study next stage.

Centro Medico Nacional Siglo XXI Hospital de Pediatria Link

June 1999 to December 2002

Ortopedistas Asociados (Associated Orthopedists) Orthopedics Clinic.
Hospital Angeles de las Lomas

  • Private Clinic for Orthopedics and Traumatology.
  • Orthopedic Surgeon
  • General Orthopedic consultation for Children and Adults.
  • Partner of the group.